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M Dashes Archive

[M Dashes 038] Get out of your own way 😱 😍
creativity coaching ~ Dream City @ XOXO ~ imposter syndrome podcast

[M Dashes 037] 😈 Demon Dialogues
come hear me speak in SF Wednesday night! ~ art show reflections ~ staying informed w/o getting drained

[M Dashes 036] πŸ’Œ Letters to a Friend πŸ’Œ
I need your support! ~ my art show is tomorrow! ~ pre-order my postcard book!

[M Dashes 035] 🎨 X Days of Y πŸ’•
my gallery debut! ~ reflections on GroundShift ~ being kinder to flaky friends

M Dashes 034 –  βœ¨Start your daily project ✏
Activism camp! ~ do your own daily project ~ nontoxic masculinity 

M Dashes 033 – πŸ‘£ Small, Sweet Steps 🎨 
Lettering Workshop ~ 31 Days of Games ~ Black feminism & Black Panther

M Dashes 032  β€“ πŸ’• What do you love? πŸ’–
Supporting Friends ~ Black Panther ~ Heartful Experience

M Dashes 031 – 🏒 Dream City πŸ’­
Dream City in L.A. ~ 365 Days of Making ~ The Last Jedi & resistance

M Dashes 030 – 🌡 Reflecting on 2017  βœ¨
2017 in review ~ summer camps & activist board games mostly

M Dashes 029 – ✨ Your Magic is Real πŸš‚
train adventures ~ empower work ~ don't be a chill girl

M Dashes 028 –  πŸš€ Hi, My Name is Avocado Spaceship  βœ¨
camp nicknames ~ zine sale ~ the church of social justice

M Dashes 027 –  πŸŒ² More green time, less screen time  πŸ“΅
a wonderful camp ~ dinosaur flowers ~ ferry magic

M Dashes 026  β€” πŸŒ‹ We are volcanos
new job! ~ analog social media ~ wonder woman & intersectional feminism  

M Dashes 025 –  πŸ‘ If you can hear me, clap once πŸ‘
the magic of camp ~ feminist science fiction ~ possibility, grief, remembering

M Dashes 024 β€” πŸ’ͺ Courage & Control  πŸŒ΅
postcard sale! ~ my friends are awesome ~ let's work together

M Dashes 023 β€” What will you say yes to? 🌲❀️πŸ”₯
summer camp ~ feminine economy ~ the handmaid's complicity 

M Dashes 022 β€” πŸ’₯ Don't give up your power
100 words ~ science of emotions ~ social media

M Dashes 021 β€” πŸ’πŸ—Ί An ill-fated treasure hunt for love
my crush story ~ why comic sans is great ~ MOONLIGHT

M Dashes 020 β€” 🌻 We'll get through it
accidental pig ~ asking someone out ~ anxiety

M Dashes 019 β€”  πŸ“£πŸ™‹ Nevertheless, We Persisted
dating stories ~ capitalism VS fascism ~ 30 things I wanted to do before I was 30

M Dashes 018 β€” πŸ’Œ Resistance Wins
crushes ~ BART fanfic ~ boy bands fighting zombies

M Dashes 017  β€” πŸ’ͺ Do something, not everything
the power of handwriting ~ listen to black women ~ self-care

M Dashes 016 β€”  πŸ”¨ Smash the patriarchy, together πŸ’ƒ
intersectional feminism ~ lin-manuel's media diet ~ protest signs

M Dashes 015 β€” Be Focused πŸ”₯ Be Empowered
protest strategy ~ cactus postcards! ~ baby elephants

M Dashes 014 β€” 🌡 Bloom Despite the Conditions 🌺
be a cactus in 2017 ~ women's health in star wars

M Dashes 013 β€” Ghosts & Zines πŸ’”
my zines are for sale!  ~ amateur time travelers ~ resisting fascism

M Dashes 012 β€” Oh, Democracy

M Dashes 011 β€” Time to Rise Up

M Dashes 010 β€” Blessing in Disguise

M Dashes 009 β€” Listening in 3D

M Dashes 008 β€” Number of Followers? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

M Dashes 007 β€” Fit to Print

M Dashes 006 β€” 100 Days of Questions

M Dashes 005 β€” Why can't we be friends?

M Dashes 004 β€” Consolations

M Dashes 003 β€” Yes & No

M Dashes 002 β€” High fives, not data

M Dashes 001 β€” Text Me Maybe

Featured Articles

100 Days of Questions: Process & Lessons

...My goal was simply to show up and make something every day. A huge blocker for me in making art is feeling like everything I make has to be good, or serve a purpose. Many of my posts aren’t that good and will never go anywhere. Many of them originated from or turned into long, meaningful conversations with friends. Many of them yielded new visual styles I had never tried before than then made their way into other art projects. 

I learned a few lessons about my artistic process along the way. If you have any passions you’ve been neglecting, maybe they’ll help you too!

Let's Respectfully Redesign Government

When I received an absentee ballot in the mail this Mayβ€”my first as a California voterβ€”I was both excited and troubled. While inspecting the small instruction pamphlet that accompanied my ballot, I frowned at the Word Art and counted all the different styles of arrows.

Most importantly, I nearly missed a footnote that said my ballot needed to be mailed by May 29thβ€”several days before the electionβ€”in order to be counted in time; an Election Day postmark was not good enough...