Liberated Lettering Workshop

Liberated Lettering Workshop

from 45.00

Saturday, October 6th 2018 • 1-4:30 PM • Oakland, CA

Join Molly McLeod's hands-on workshop to learn about the basics of hand lettering and how to share messages you care about. No artistic "talent" or experience necessary. In fact, this workshop is specifically designed for people who are scared of putting marks on paper! Read more about the workshop here.

The cost of your ticket includes art supplies you get to take home with you! Tickets are available at a sliding scale price, to make it as affordable as possible. You do not have to disclose your income or financial situation, but here’s a guideline for how to choose a sliding scale tier:

  • $70 if you are financially stable

  • $55 if you are making ends meet

  • $45 if you are living month-to-month

Refund/cancellation policy

  • Cancel September 19 or earlier: Full refund

  • Cancel September 20-October4: 50% refund

  • Cancel October 5-6: no refund

Sliding Scale Price Tier:
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