Letters to a Friend: 30 Heartfelt Postcards

Letters to a Friend: 30 Heartfelt Postcards

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I’m doing a different daily art project every month in 2018, and these postcards are from #31daysofletterstoafriend in May. I heard from so many people how much they loved messaging them to their friends — but they weren’t meant to be viewed on a tiny screen. 

They were practically begging to be postcards. Thank you for helping them get into the mailboxes of friends all over the world!

5x5”, printed sustainably and ethically by Community Printers in Santa Cruz, CA.

Get the whole book of 30 postcards, or a random 5-pack!

P.S. To mail these, you’ll need a $.71 stamp if you’re sending in the U.S. USPS charges more for square postcards and envelopes, boooo. Make sure to double check on correct postage before you send them off to your friends! 

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