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One Day at a Time

An online course to build your own daily creative practice


Do something creative every day.


This online course will support you to develop a creative practice you love and do consistently, so you can confidently and easily...  

What: An 8-session, two month online course to develop your creative practice

When: December 2018-January 2019

Led by: Molly McLeod, artist and creativity coach

Price: Sliding scale ($75 - $300/month)  


Why I’m leading this course

I love the way people come alive when they are wearing clothes they love. And it breaks my heart to see a person struggle to find clothes they love that really feel like them.

I want you to be able to take the guesswork out of dressing yourself. I want you to be able to look into your closet and see only clothes you love. I want you to be able to confidently and easily choose what to wear in the morning, because you have a closet full of clothes that are part of a cohesive style, rather than a random assortment of things that you like (or don’t even really like).

I want to take the stress and struggle out of shopping for clothes so you end your shopping trips energized and excited rather than exhausted. And I want you to feel like a badass when you get on stage, meet with that client, go to that event, or go out on that date, because you know you look awesome.

Yes, it’ll take some energy to find the clothes you really love. But it doesn’t have to be agonizing. It could even be fun!

In this program, I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned from my personal experience, study, and coaching into a step-by-step course you can use to develop the personal style that makes you excited to leave the house and show it off.

I can hardly wait to dive in with you! 


What You’ll Get 

This course will NOT magically “manifest” a creative practice.  But it will help you take consistent action to…

I won’t be telling you what to wear. What I will be doing is coaching you to discover the style you love, and helping you to articulate specifically what that looks like, from the types of clothing to the materials, colors, fits, and finishing touches.

Then, I'll support you to make your closet match your vision, from clearing out your closet to shopping like a pro.

Through this program, you will have the chance to:

  • Be part of an incredibly supportive community of peers who are all on the journey to discover the style they love.

  • Get clear on the articles of clothing, fits, colors/textures, and materials you love, so you know what to look for when you are shopping (and what to ignore).

  • Experience joy & delight every morning when you get dressed (rather than overwhelm or dread), because your closet is filled only with stuff you love.


What You’ll Learn

Week 1
Exploring what’s important to you about creativity

Week 2
Determining your project

Week 3
Learn to identify and move past your inner critic

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


What’s Included

💡Eight live training and coaching sessions
In these sessions, we’ll go step-by-step through designing and implementing your Personal Style Guide, with time for Q&A and coaching. 

💻 Join live by computer or phone
We’ll meet via Zoom, a simple, user-friendly video call platform – and if you’re offline, you can call in by phone.

📑 Guides and templates
You'll get guides and templates on style, fit, colors, types of clothing, and much more — so you don’t need to figure it out by yourself.

👯 Daily 1-1 support buddy
Nothing beats having a real person to be by your side as you go for your goals. You’ll have brief daily check-ins with your buddy to support one another!

👏 Incredibly supportive community
In our sessions, a dynamic Facebook Group, and even after the course, you will be astounded by the support, friendship, and community you experience.

💬 Unlimited text support
In between sessions, we can text back and forth to talk about your insights, questions, and challenges.

🗄Lifetime access to course materials
Get lifetime access to all session slides and summaries, video & audio recordings, and assignments.

🗓 Doable timeframe
This program is about implementation. The course contains a clear beginning, middle, and end, with enough time to discover what you love and put it into practice.


 “Is this for me?”

Whether you’re a creative professional, artist or designer, a hobbyist or doodler, or have never completed a creative project of your own before, this program is for you if you’re looking for an empowering, uplifting, and authentic approach to consistently making creative projects and enjoying the process.

This is for you if:

  • You want to work on creative project more regularly, but don’t know where to start.

  • You’re tired of not knowing what you want to make.

  • You want to feel excited when you sit down to make something.

This is not for you right now if:

You’re not in a place to invest time or energy in developing your creative practice. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but you’ll get the most out of this program if you are ready to focus some of your money towards your style.

The way you look/dress isn’t that important to you right now.

You only want to figure out 1-2 outfits for a special event or occasion.


Dates & Time Commitment

All our virtual sessions are in real-time by video or phone, Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 pm PST (7:30-9:00 pm EST).

We’ll meet twice in December to kick things off, weekly in January, and once the first week of February to wrap things up.

No worries if you can’t join live — you’ll get the replay and materials within 48 hours of each session, and you’ll still get unlimited use of the Facebook Group and text support.  


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