Art Projects

I've started a variety of ongoing collaborative and experimental projects to practice creativity in everyday life and involve my community in my artistic practice.


I'm doing a different daily project every month this year. See the latest on Instagram!

52 Challenges

For my 29th birthday in December 2015, I started a new project: 52 Challenges. I invited a group of friends at my birthday party to write assignments for me on index cards, and put them into an envelope without looking at them. Iโ€™ll do one a week for the next year.

The challenge parameters I established are:

  1. Each challenge should be achievable in 10-15 minutes. It should also be something I can reasonably do with my current skills and abilities, from anywhere I am in the world.
  2. They can be specific (draw a dog on a unicycle), broad or open to interpretation (shake it off), creative (make a gif about your feelings about the moon, write a really short story about ampersands), selfish (call Lyzi on the phone), introspective (think about your dream house in 20 years), physical (solo dance party to your favorite Queen song).

It's been a fun way to stay connected to my friends throughout the year, and do random and weird activities every week.


From April to July 2015, I participated in the 100 Days Project by posting an illustrated question to my Instagram account every day.

My goal was simply to show up and make something every day. A huge blocker for me in making art is feeling like everything I make has to be good, or serve a purpose. Many of my posts arenโ€™t that good and will never go anywhere. Many of them originated from or turned into long, meaningful conversations with friends. Many of them yielded new visual styles I had never tried before than then made their way into other art projects.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:


You & Me Project

Who: You and me

What: Weโ€™ll get together for 2-3 hours, and:

  1. Take portraits of each other (still image or GIFs)

  2. Write a memory of each other

  3. Make something together...

The medium is YOUR choice: drawing, photo, comic, GIF, performance, website, public installation, video, story, food, or anything else. 

Why: I value one-on-one time. I like making things with my friends. I have a lot of old friends I'd like to reconnect with. I have a lot of new friends I'd like to get to know better. 

Where: The Bay Area for now, or anywhere I may be traveling.

When: Starting December 2014, and onward into the future. Probably once or twice a month.

Goals: The goal is not to make something beautiful. The goal is to make something. Be vulnerable. Build trust. Create. Reflect. Experiment. Explore. See what happens when we combine our powers.

Tape Type Murals

I made my first masking tape mural mostly because I wanted giant typography on my wall, and since I rent, I canโ€™t paint or put up anything permanent.

My latest tape mural is a study in gratitude. Every day I add a sticky note about something I was thankful for that day. Keeps me sane!