June 29th, 2018 • Oakland, CA

A solo show of the four years daily projects by Molly McLeod
Curated by Gallery 213

X days of Y is Molly’s first solo show and showcases work from four years of her daily art practice. From games and words, to photos and zines, this show spans the scales of intimacy and invites you to consider your daily creative expression. 

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Selected Work

31 Days of Letters to a Friend

100 Days of Words

100 Days of Questions

31 Days of Games

30 Days of Zines

28 Days of Things I Love

52 Weeks of Challenges

For my birthday in 2015, I started a new project: 52 Challenges. I invited a group of friends at my birthday party to write challenges for me on index cards, and put them into an envelope without looking at them – I did one challenge a week for the following year.

The challenge parameters I established are:

  1. Each challenge should be achievable in 10-15 minutes. It should also be something I can reasonably do with my current skills and abilities, from anywhere I am in the world.
  2. They can be specific (draw a dog on a unicycle), broad or open to interpretation (shake it off), creative (make a gif about your feelings about the moon, write a really short story about ampersands), selfish (call Lyzi on the phone), introspective (think about your dream house in 20 years), physical (solo dance party to your favorite Queen song)