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Let's Respectfully Redesign Government

When I received an absentee ballot in the mail this May—my first as a California voter—I was both excited and troubled. While inspecting the small instruction pamphlet that accompanied my ballot, I frowned at the Word Art and counted all the different styles of arrows.

Most importantly, I nearly missed a footnote that said my ballot needed to be mailed by May 29th—several days before the election—in order to be counted in time; an Election Day postmark was not good enough...

100 Days of Questions: Process & Lessons

...My goal was simply to show up and make something every day. A huge blocker for me in making art is feeling like everything I make has to be good, or serve a purpose. Many of my posts aren’t that good and will never go anywhere. Many of them originated from or turned into long, meaningful conversations with friends. Many of them yielded new visual styles I had never tried before than then made their way into other art projects. 

I learned a few lessons about my artistic process along the way. If you have any passions you’ve been neglecting, maybe they’ll help you too!