Right now, I'm focused on:

Last updated: 01/17/18, 10:07 AM

Professional Pursuits  

  • Designing a board game for the Nature Conservancy. 

  • Designing Dream City, a card game about creating your ideal city with your friends. I'm working on it in the Art of Freelance program.

  • Open to working with clients on design strategy, visual and interaction design, creative communications, and event production. Email me!

  • Open to speaking engagements and design workshops.

Artistic Pursuits

Personal Pursuits

  • Participating in my housing co-op, the Hearth (a.k.a. the Coaching House.)

  • Volunteering with organizations to resist fascism, racism, sexism, and xenophobia.

  • Spending more time in nature.

  • Giving and recieving attention.


This list is to help me stay focused on my priorities.  I will likely say no to anything not related to the above.

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