Hi! I'm Molly.

I would love to make things with you.

I'm a freelance designer, artist, and educator in Oakland, CA. Most recently, I was the lead visual designer at Code for America. Previously, I designed print and digital projects for federal public health agencies at CommunicateHealth. I've worked on civic apps, board games, documentary films, adult summer camps, and public art projects

My work helps people express themselves, connect with their communities, disconnect from technology and reconnect to what really matters to them. I love helping nonprofits, government agencies, and organizations working towards social justice communicate more effectively and design awesome things.

I'm teaching a political lettering workshop!


Sunday April 15th, 2018 • 1:00-4:00 PM • Oakland, CA

Come learn the basics of hand lettering and how to use art for both self-expression and as a political tool! Making posters, cards, and signs with expressive hand lettering is a great way to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and resistance. Well designed images can capture attention, inspire people, build trust, and spread like wildfire.

No artistic "talent" or experience necessary. In fact, this workshop is specifically designed for people who are scared of putting marks on paper!

I'm available for short and long-term projects, speaking gigs, artistic collaborations, and maybe even full-time work!

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